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Exceptional Women, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Deborah Collins. Through years of working with women in leadership she saw a need to reach out to the professional Christian woman.

The business world offers a variety of women's groups to help climb the corporate ladder. However, many Christian women desire spiritual support and encouragement that the corporate world is not able to provide. The church does an excellent job ministering to the stay at home mom, the homemaker and widow, but they offer little or nothing for the working Christian woman.

As Christian women in business, our lives are uniquely filled with conflicting loyalties and priorities. Everyone wants a piece of us. We think about family while we are at work and work when we are with our family. Our days are exhaustingly long, and with little time to call our own, how do we find time alone with God?

When we fellowship with other Christian women, it draws us closer together and to our Lord. We meet monthly for prayer, a "Spiritual Vitamin" - which is the Word of God, and to hear inspirational speakers. This time together strengthens us and helps us to be a bright "light" in today's world.

In the broadest sense, we are a networking group enabling one another through our contacts and connections. Imagine the combined creative energy and experience that only women can give to women. We meet once a month to Encourage, Equip and Empower.


She knows who she is, her strengths and her weaknesses. More importantly, she knows "whose" she is. She is not her own, for she was bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). She has a Kingdom Heart for she seeks to serve and glorify God in every area of her life. She is not perfect, but she is exceptional.

An Exceptional Woman has passion, purpose and knows how to persevere. She uses her position, her power and her influence for Kingdom Work, for Kingdom Business - the Father's Business. She is about her Father's Business first and foremost.



  The Hummingbird Story

As busy women, we have a lot in common with the Hummingbird. We are always on the go, and as God's beautiful creation, we are multi-colored and multi-faceted. Just as the Hummingbird needs to feed on the sweet nectar of a flower at least fifty times a day in order to survive, as busy women we need to feed on the sweet nectar of God's word every day in order to thrive!

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Are you tired of not getting your needs met by the bottom-line business world, who may not value your beliefs? Now, there is an organization you can turn to. We offer you a time tailored to the unique needs of the working Christian woman. We are women who can understand, relate and share your Christian faith. We are called... Exceptional Women!


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